Heritage Orchard

Honeydale Farm’s unique Heritage Orchard showcases all the old Oxfordshire varieties with 250 species of fruit trees. These include 144 apples, 35 cherries, plus apricot, damson, gage, mulberry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, quince and nectarine. 


The apple varieties include the historic Old Fred, Red Army and Blenheim Orange found at Woodstock in about 1740. We also have the Belle de Boskoop which originated in the Netherlands in 1856. Many of the rare varieties are no longer grown commercially but the Heritage Orchard will help to ensure their survival.


Trees are planted 30ft apart - allowing us to graze animals though the tree lanes - a form of agroforestry/silvo-pasture.


The fruit will be harvested and supplied to the local community via our community supported agriculture scheme, with the different species ready for picking at different times. We shall also be producing cider!