Trials Field

The experimental field trials are constantly changing each year as different ideas are put to the test. Current trials include: 


  • A 5 year SARIC diverse ley trial (2016-20) looking at which forage plants provides the best feed value, together with benefits for the soil, environment and livestock production. (BBSRC-NERC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Innovation Club (SARIC) project led by the University of Reading and in collaboration with Duchy College, Rothamsted North Wyke, and Cotswold Seeds/Honeydale Farm.)

  • A microbe and cover crop plot comparing cereal/cover crop rotations with microbes applied using compost tea.

  • Cotswold Seeds mixtures trials looking into assessing the bird cover and feed value of spring planted seed bearing species including red and white millet, radish, mustard and various cereals.

  • Spring barley control plots for comparing soil health and structure between these and the herbal ley/sainfoin plots.